Dana Yvette Men’s 

Fine Leather Travel & Business Bags!

Men have to carry items too, and if you’re always on the go then you will need something to carry them in! Well, now you can carry them ALL, in style! Whether you are a businessman, professional, or a student, we’ve got it in the bag! We offer high quality, fashionable and durable leather bags for all your needs. Men’s Fine Leather messenger bags, work-bags, and luggage ranging in price from approximately $100-$500. 

Our Men’s bags are made of 100% leather and are crafted from Lambskin or Italian calfskin leathers in various designs, all of which have adjustable straps. The natural leathers used range in tones that tend to look better as the leather begins to age. They have also been minimally treated to ensure the unique imperfections and characteristics pop! The base of each bag has a semi-gloss finish to protect and prevent stains. We are certain you will be extremely impressed by the quality and sophistication of our products.

Functionality is the most important criteria when considering which one of our Leather bags to purchase. Other critical factors to consider should include:

  • The look
    • Your bag is an extension of you and should compliment who you are as a person, your style, your attitude, and your character. It should also represent you in a positive, professional, classic and classy manner. Make certain the material used to manufacture your bag is of good quality leather, and not plastic or vinyl.
  • The weight and size
    • Another important factor is the weight of the bag. No doubt men are active, but no one likes to carry a 50-pound bag on their shoulders. One should always choose a bag which is lighter in weight. Another important tip is that you should select a bag with wheels, handles, or wide straps. The benefit of wide straps is that weight is evenly distributed on your shoulders. 
    • You should also have enough space in your bag to carry everything you need, such as your laptop, your wallet, glasses, cell phone, etc.
    • A premium functional bag may also have pockets and compartments.
  • Maintenance
    • You should clean your bag with a soft dry cloth. For tougher parts you can use a specially formulated mild leather cleaner.
    • Bags should be stored in a dry temperate place.

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