WELCOME to Dana Yvette Boutique, Women’s Fine Apparel & Accessories.  

First off let me thank you for visiting! …Thank you very kindly! 

It was in the middle of a hot July night when I suddenly awoke from a not so deep sleep and the voice in my head said “Start an online boutique!” It was clear, and very distinct. I thought, Oh my! I’ve just had an epiphany! I flipped on the light next to my bed, turned on my laptop and began to search for what I needed to do to get started. A leap of faith in this direction did not seem so far fetched for me, in all actuality it felt very natural, as if “Why hadn’t I thought of doing this before?”

As far back as I can remember I’ve always had an innate passion for fashion, and my mom, Brenda Jean, was quite the fashion plate to look up to!  Proving the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, growing up I would intently watch my mom, as she cut out patterns of some kind of brown wax looking paper and pined them to large sheets of material, then she’d cut that out too. After all that, she’d sew the pieces together on a machine and make herself some pretty cool and colorful outfits! For Easter, and other holidays, she would make matching outfits for me and my sisters. When she’d finish her hip creations, I would then use my mom’s left over material to make doll clothes for my Barbies! I can also remember drawing clothes to the tracing of my paper dolls to create outfits for them as well! One of my many great past times with my Mom was shopping together. The innate passion for fashion that I have, I inherited honestly. My Mom was my SHE-ro!

Never loosing that passionate attraction to beautiful ensembles and all things girly, I’d say I’ve always been what you would call a Fashionista! Being the beauty that I am (Wink!…Truly, all praise and glory to the One above, and Mom & Dad) but vertically challenged, and also following in the footsteps of my strikingly handsome uncles Larry and Ricky, I have had the wonderful opportunity in my past to do some commercial and print modeling for the Alex Adams Modeling Agency, and teach their Teen Self Improvement classes. Additionally, I have and currently hold a Master Cosmetologist license for over 15 years. Thus, my passion and knowledge of the fashion and beauty industry runs as far wide, as it does deep!

So here at Dana Yvette Boutique, you will find not only the very best of latest Fashions, but stylish, classy, and classic pieces of the most superb quality, that are unique and timeless! I will help educate you with Style Advice to keep you up-to-date with the most recent fashion and beauty tips, directly from the runways to the boulevards, on what’s trending now, fashion do’s and fashion faux pas! You name it….I will share it! My goal is to make the world a prettier place, one ensemble at at time!

So Keep Calm and prepare for an online shopping experience where Style & Class collide, at Dana Yvette Boutique!

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